Outsourcing organizing stages
Outsourcing is organized in several stages after which an optimally customized accounting system is provided to clients.

Contract conclusion;
Documentation transfer;
Technical settings.
The transition period is usually from 2 to 6 weeks depending on business size. Once all the processes are in place, you can enjoy the benefits of outsourcing and devote all your time to doing business

1. Accounting outsourcing contract conclusion
The contract main criterion is to be detailed as much as possible.

We describe in detail what the client is responsible and what we are responsible for. Compliance with this rule is a guarantee of long-term successful cooperation

Contract content
List of services, content and volume;
Description of initial settings for processes and tools;
List of additional services;
Content of work for preparation of annual reporting;
Duties and roles of client and Accountor;
Our liability;
Monthly collaboration schedule.
2. Accounting documentation transfer
Preparation of power of attorney by client;
Transfer of printed accounting ledgers. A copy of electronic database (if any) is also transferred;
Transfer of documents for current reporting year to Accountor for further processing and archiving.
The whole transfer process is documented by acceptance-transfer statements to ensure data security and confidentiality.

Clients may additionally order a detailed verification of the documents for previous reporting periods. However, if we see during the handover that some documents are missing, we let our clients know immediately.

3. Meeting
The purpose of this meeting is to agree upon all working processes in detail. This meeting can be held in any format convenient for the client whether face-to-face or tele-, video- or web-conferencing.

Introduction of contact persons
List of corporate report recipients
Information exchange procedures. Tools, rights, confidentiality requirements
Client training schedule to work with Accountor Extranet, Accountor eInvoice Manager (invoice payment automation system)
Other important cooperation issues
4. Technical settings
The last stage consists in setting up all necessary programs.

If clients use their own ERP system, then our IT team and accounting experts work out the optimal integration with clients’ system.

One of the advantages to outsource accounting to us is that you get ready-made technical solutions and tools, including our own accounting programs and tools:

Accountor eInvoice Manager. A tool that significantly speeds up the payment of incoming invoices ( email receipt → automatic recognition → manager confirmation → payment → archiving)
Accountor Extranet. A service for report delivery, communication and document exchange between clients and Accountor. It is secure and convenient instrument that is compliant with GDPR.