Oil, Gas and Process Engineering Courses
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Oil, Gas and Process Engineering Courses Advanced Corrosion Management course Advanced Gas liquid separation course Advanced Heat Transfer Equipment Operation, Startup and Commissioning course Advanced LPG Technology course Advanced LPG, NGL and LNG Technology course Advanced Natural Gas Processing, Start up, Shutdown, Troubleshooting and Special Problems course Advanced oil refinery technology for Technicians course Advanced Oil Treatment technology course Advanced Paraffin and Asphaltenes In Crude Oils course Advanced Process Plant Operations, Troubleshooting and Special Problems course Basic of Petrochemicals Industry course Basics of Crude Oil Separation, Desalting and Stabilization course Basics of Fertilizers Industry course Basics of Natural Gas Processing course Boiler Feed Water Treatment, Steam Generation and Distribution Systems course C5-C6 isomerization process operations course Catalyst in oil and gas industry course Catalyst in Refinery industry course Catalytic reforming technology course Chemical laboratory in Petroleum Industry course Chemical treatment for oil and gas field course Choice and evaluation chemical treatment for oil and gas field course Computer Aided Process Engineering and Simulation course Continuous catalyst regeneration (CCR) course Cooling water and Fire water Protection Systems course Corrosion and Corrosion Control Fundamentals in Oil & Gas Field course Crude Oil and Petroleum Products Analysis and Quality Control course Crude Oil Classification and Assays and Products Specification and Testing course Crude oil dehydration and desalting course Crude oil properties and oil treatment course Crude Oil Testing and Equipment course DCS Simulator for Process Panel Operators course Desalination (RO, MSF Units, Vapor Compression) course Distillation operation and control and troubleshooting course Emergency and Process Shut-down (ESD and PSD) course Fire Protection Systems Course Fired heater operation and troupleshooting Course Fired Heater Course Fundamental of catalyst in oil and gas Industry Course Fundamentals of Corrosion and Corrosion Control Course Fundamentals of Equipment in Oil & Gas Industry Course Fundamentals of Ethylene and Propylene and Polypropylene and Polyethylene Fundamentals of Heat Transfer Equipment Operation and Startup and Commissioning Course Fundamentals of Process Equipments Course Fundaments of Chemical Engineering course Gas Dehydration Technology and Hydrocarbon Dew Point Control Technology Course Gas dehydration technology Course Gas Dryer Operation, Design, Regeneration, Logic and Troubleshooting Course Gas Field Refrigeration Systems Course Gas liquid separation course Gas Plant Troubleshooting and Special Problems course Gas Processing Dehydration and Sweetening course GTL Technology course Hazards Area Classification and Hazard Analysis and Risk Assessment course HAZID and HAZAN and HAZOP Studies course HAZOP application in oil and gas (level 1) course HAZOP Practical Study (Level 1,2) course Heat exchangers operation and design and maintenance Heat Transfer Equipment Operation and Troubleshooting Course Hydrocarbon losses management course Hydrocarbon losses course Hydrocarbon storage and transportation course Hydrocarbons Pipelines Design and Operation (Crude Oil, Petroleum Products, Natural gas) course Hydrocracking process course Hydrogen Plant Unit (HPU & PSA) course Hydrotreating technology course Incinerators course Instruments and Plant Utility Air Systems, Nitrogen Generation, and Fuel Gas Utility Systems course Introduction to oil refining course LPG technology course MEROX process and technology course Natural Gas Processing Technology course Oil and Gas Pipelines hydraulics and Sizing Calculations course Oil and Gas Processing Simulation and Calculation course Oil and Gas Storage and Shipping and Utilization course Oil and Gas industry Waste Disposal course Oil Refinery (LP) Modelling and Economics course Oil Refinery Product Treatment course Oil refinery technology for Technicians course OJT Distillation operation, control, troubleshooting course OJT in Crude Oil and Product Storage and Transportation Unit course OJT in Refinery Utilities Unit course OJT on c5-c6 isomerization process operations course OJT on catalytic reforming technology course Overview of Oil and Gas and Petrochemicals course Petroleum Crude and Products Storage Systems course Petroleum oil and gases wastes and disposal course Petroleum Products and Refining Processes for Operation course Petroleum refinery for technical persons course Petroleum refinery wastes and disposal course Piping and Pipelines network design course Planned Shutdown and Critical Activities, Isolation, Startup & Commissioning course Planned shutdown management course Positive displacement pump technology course Pressure Relief Systems and Flare systems, Operation, Design, Startup, Troubleshooting and Shutdown course Process Calculations & Simulation by HYSIS course Process calculations basic course Process equipments (selection, sizing, operation and troubleshooting) course Process Flares and recovery system course Process hand Calculations course Process Operations for Technicians course Process Panel Operator Assessment (Software) course Process plant design course Process Plant Operations, Troubleshooting and Special Problems course Process Plant start up and shutdown and Troubleshooting and Engineering Problem Solving course Process plant troubleshooting course Pumps technology and pumping system course pumps technology process overview course Pumps technology and system course Refinery-Petrochemical Integration & Economics (Repaired) course Refinery-Petrochemical Integration & Economics course Steam traps and pipelines course Sulphur Recovery and Solidification course Surface Facilities Production Operations course Tower internals course Understanding and Interpreting Technical Drawings (P&ID, PFD and UFD) and Documentation course Utilities and Environment protection in Refineries course Utilities in Process Plants course Waste Water Treatment Systems course Water Analysis and Quality Control course Water Injection and Effluent Waste Water Treatment Facilities course Safety Compliance and Site Inspection course Advanced Process Risk Assessment and Risk Management course Process Safety Management and Compliance course Working Safely course Advanced Risk and Incident Analysis: Risk Management, Incident Investigation and Root Cause Analysis course Risk Assessment within Production Operations course Oil and Gas Operational Safety course NEBOSH International General Certificate in Occupational Health course Laboratory Safety and Risk Assessment and Hazard Control Measures course Layers of Protection Analysis (LOPA) course Process Safety and Risk Management of Highly Hazardous and Explosive Chemicals course Principles, Applications and Performance of Pumps, Compressors and Turbines course Pumps, Compressors and Turbines: Operation, Maintenance and Troubleshooting course Modern Valve Technology course Advanced Maintenance Management course Managing Shutdowns and Turnarounds and Outages course Advanced Reliability Centered Maintenance course Maintenance Management Professional (Maintenance Planning, Scheduling and Work Control) course Maintenance Planning, Scheduling and Work Control (Maintenance Management Professional) course Maintenance Management: Developing and Enhancing Maintenance Strategies course Maintenance Auditing and Continuous Improvement (Maintenance Auditing Specialist) course Flares and Relief System course API 579-1 / ASME FFS-1: Fitness for Service: Pressure Vessels, Tanks and Piping Systems course Budgeting and Cost Control for the Oil and Gas Industry course Finance and Accounting for the Oil and Gas Industry course Process Engineering for non-process Engineering Professionals course International Oil Supply, Transportation, Refining and Trade course Process Plant Startup and Commissioning course Understanding Success Factors in the Oil and Gas Industry course Oil and Gas MBA Oil and Gas Project Management course Oil and Gas Project Management course Process Plant Startup and Commissioning and Troubleshooting course Process Troubleshooting and Problem Solving course Oil and Gas Commercial Contracts and Negotiation Skills course Oil Movement and Storage and Troubleshooting course Hydrocarbon Production Operations course Introduction to the Oil and Gas Industry course The Oil and Gas Business Tour Workshop Auditing in the Oil and Gas Industry course The Art of Oil & Gas Procurement course دورة اساسيات عمليات تكرير البترول دورة الاتجاهات الحديثة فى صناعات تكرير البترول دورة التحاليل الكيماوية في صناعه البترول ومراقبة جودة المنتجات البترولية دورة التطفئة الإعتيادية والاضطرارية واعادة التشغيل دورة السلامة والصحة المهنية في المنشآت الصناعية دورة دراسة مخطط تطفئة وتشغيل الوحدات الانتاجية والأنشطة الحرجة فى صناعة البترول دورة معالجة المياه وتقييم المواد الكيمياويه المضافه لها دورة نقل وتخزين المنتجات البترولية Ahmad Alkaeid : Marketing managerPhone - Viber - WhatsApp: 0097433521614Phone - Viber - WhatsApp: 00201095002056Email : a.elkaeid@qspacetraining.com