Section 1.0 General
This chapter prescribes the policies and procedures to be observed by organization units
when making cash advances to finance grant, contract, and travel activity. For detailed
policies and procedures on advances to imprest fund cashiers see Chapter 6 of this
Section 2.0 Policy
.01 Federal Grant Programs
Organization units authorizing a grant may provide advance financing to
qualifying recipients as part of the grant agreement. However, no grantee
is automatically entitled to receive advances. Eligibility requirements for
receiving advances and considerations as to the adequacy of the recipient's
financial management system are discussed in this section.
.02 Advances to Employees
As a general rule, public funds are not advanced to employees. However,
there are some exceptions. Travel advances may be issued to employees
when the employee does not have a DOC travel card. Advances of pay
and allowances are generally not authorized, but pay and allowances may
be advanced to employees assigned to posts in a foreign area and to
uniformed members of the NOAA Corps under applicable regulations